Alypso Plus

Infiltration Surfactant & Water Conditioner

Alypso Plus from Precision Laboratories contains a naturally-derived surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water and improves the infiltration of rainfall and irrigation into and throughout the turf or plant root zone. The water conditioner in Alypso Plus reduces pH and addresses issues associated with poor water quality. Alypso Plus may be used in conjunction with other soil surfactants, plant protectants or plant nutrients.

Features & Benefits

  • Faster water infiltration – decreased run-off or standing water and firmer playing surfaces
  • Uniform soil wetting – maximum availability of nutrients and uniform placement of soil-active products
  • Positive plant response – satisfied players
  • Reduced water pH – Improved performance of pH sensitive products
  • Injected or sprayed – convenient to use
  • Easy to use formulation – easy to pour, mix and store

Use Rate

INJECTION: Inject 32 ounces (946 ml) of ALYPSO PLUS per one acre (.40 ha) of turfgrass or ornamentals.

SPRAY APPLICATION: Spray 32 ounces (946 ml) of ALYPSO PLUS in a minimum of 60 gallons (227 L) of water to treat one acre (.40 ha) of turfgrass or ornamentals.

Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallons

20 gallon drum

55 gallon drum

Use Rate

Alypso Plus - Specimen Label pdf

Alypso Plus - SDS pdf

Alypso Plus - Technical Bulletin pdf