Aqua Bio-Trol

Aqua Bio-Trol

Microbial Pond Clarifier

Aqua Bio-Trol is the safe, natural way to establish and maintain cleaner pond and lake water without chemicals. The use of Aqua Bio-Trol eliminates pond scum and green soupy conditions, while eliminating foul odors. Aqua Bio-Trol improves water clarity and digests excess organic matter in ponds, lakes and fountains. Aqua Bio-Trol microbes preemptively consume organic matter which feeds algae and which leads to anaerobic conditions, including bad odors. The active microbes in Aqua Bio-Trol feed on excess nutrients in the entire water column, from sludge at the bottom to suspended particulate, to green organic matter on the surface. In all forms that Aqua Bio-Trol is produced, it contains the highest concentration of CFUs (Colony Forming Units) available today with the highest level of Bio-Diversity. More microbes of more species is equal to greater and more reliable levels of control. 

Use Rate

Initial Treatment 4 gallons per acre foot

Liquid Monthly Treatment 2 gallons per acre foot monthly thereafter.


Case Size

10 gallon pail