Aqua Lock


AquaLock is a unique wax dispersion that forms a thin, flexible, water-repellent layer on pant surfaces. AquaLock protects plants against drought, extreme temperatures, wind and sun scald. AquaLock may extend watering intervals for turf and ornamental crops.

Features and Benefits

  • Will not clog nozzles
  • Washes easily off spray equipment
  • Free of volatile organic compounds
  • Stable at temperatures above freezing


AquaLock partners well with Envy Turf and Ornamental Pigment for Winter Preparation.  

Use Rate

Turf: 2-8 ounces in 1-2 gallons per 1,000 square feet

Ornamentals: 4-8 ounces in 1 gallon water

Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallons


Aqua Lock Specimen Label PDF

Aqua Lock SDS PDF

Aqua Lock Technical Bulletin PDF