Brandt Big Foot®

Brandt Big Foot® Blue spray pattern indicator 

A temporary colorant designed to be used to mark chemical spray solutions.  Big Foot may be used with all types of spray equipment.

Eliminates overlapping or skipping of areas and also helps to indicate drift.

Big Foot Blue is available in Commercial Strength, Super Strength, and Water Soluble Bags.

Use Rate

Big Foot Blue 16 oz per 100 gallons. Turf color and height may vary,and adjustments to these ratios may be advised. 

Big Foot SS  6-10 oz per 100 gallons

Big Foot WSB 1 water soluble bag per 50-100 gallons

Case Size

Big Foot Blue  2 x 2.5 gallons  

Big Foot SS 12 x 1 quart

Big Foot WSB 40 x 1 WSB per case


Big Foot Blue - Specimen label, SDS,   

Big Foot SS -  Specimen label, SDS, Brochure

Big Foot Tablets - Specimen label, SDS,

Big Foot WSB - Specimen label, SDS