Brandt Foamy

Brandt Foamy

The foam method of spray marking reduces spray overlaps, skips, misses or gaps in the spray application by producing highly visible white foam which marks the outside edge of a spray swath. This highly visible deposit allows the applicator to make a very accurate spray application to the target area. Foamy can be used for any boom or ground sprayer application. This type of marker application is very important when applying liquid fertilizers and/or herbicides where mistakes such as missed areas or overlaps can be very costly. This marker application can also be important for improving the accuracy of pesticides, or fungicides being applied to row crops, forage crops or turf.

Foamy is also highly effective when marking dry fertilizer applications when application vehicles are equipped with seperate foam generating systems.

Water conditions may affect foam forming capabilities. Hard water may require a higher rate, while soft water may require less. Each grower or applicator should experiment with rates under his specific conditions of water and equipment.

Brandt Insure® may be used to tie up hard water ions in the foam tank prior to the addition of Foamy. For maximum foam effectiveness, always rinse foam tank and lines thoroughly before using this product.

Use Rate

Use one gallon of FOAMY to 50-90 gallons of water for thick, rich foam. Adjustments to ratios may be made depending upon water hardness. Mix 1.25 - 2 oz. of FOAMY to one gallon of water. Due to the fact that foam generating tanks vary in size, the following forumula (based on the 1% rate) will make calculating easy:

Tank Size (gal) x 1.28 = oz. per tank of FOAMY

Fill foam generating tank half full of water. Add FOAMY. Finish filling tank with water. 

Case Size

4 x 1 gallon


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