Brandt Indicate 5

Brandt Indicate 5 is a water conditioner designed to adjust pH in water so that maximum efficacy of foliar sprays can be realized. Indicate 5 will acidify all alkaline waters as well as help to neutralize the dissolved salts present in hard waters.  Mixing Indicate 5 into your spray solution requires no lab tests, litmus paper, or guesswork. Indicate 5 turns the solution pink when the optimum pH has been achieved. 

  • Acidifies 
  • Automatically indicates pH 
  • Buffers 
  • Wets, spreads, and penetrates 
  • Aids compatibility and reduces volatility

Acidifying Action 
Brandt Indicate 5 is added to the spray solution after foliar fertilizers and before pesticides are added. Most pesticides work best in acidic conditions. Indicate 5 reduces the pH in your spray water, overcoming the tendency of dissolved salts to resist pH change.

Built-in pH Indicator 
Brandt Indicate 5 is the only water conditioner/adjuvant with a patented built-in pH indicator. Indicate 5 eliminates the need for pH testing equipment in the laboratory or in the field - all you need to do is to check the color of your spray solution. If you cannot see into your spray tank, you can easily determine how much Indicate 5 you need by mixing a small amount of solution in a calibrated bottle and then adding Indicate 5 to your spray tank in the same proportion.

Use Rate

See Specimen Label

Case Size

4 x 1 gallon


Indicate 5 Specimen Label

Indicate 5 MSDS

Indicate 5 Product Brochure