Cascade Plus 16G

Hp Water infiltration

Cascade Plus 16G from Precision Laboratories is specifically formulated to increase both the rate and depth of water and nutrient infiltration on hydrophobic soils.

Cascade prevents or corrects Localized Dry Spot (LDS) conditions for 4 to 6 months with a single application, making it the first true residual water infiltration system that gives long-lasting color and quality improvement. It can be used on all turfgrass areas, including golf course greens, tees, fairways, athletic fields, lawns and sod farms. It can also be used on newly seeded turfgrass in order to reduce watering needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe to use any time of the year
  • Fast, long-lasting relief of Localized Dry Spot (LDS) for up to 6 months
  • Granular formula is easy to apply and saves time
  • Convenient and flexible formulation that allows preventative or curative control

Use Rate

Apply Cascade Plus 16G 3.5 - 7.0 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. Each 42 pound bag treats approximately 5,700 sq. ft. at the 7 pound rate.

Case Size

42 pound bag


Cascade Plus 16G Specimen Label pdf

Cascade Plus 16G SDS pdf

Cascade Plus 16G Press Release pdf