Cascade Plus Fertilizer 3-1-0

Wetting Agent & Fertilizer


Cascade Plus Fertilizer from Precision Laboratories combines the proven wetting agent technology of Cascade Plus with a unique fertilizer blend. Now you can apply enhanced water infiltration chemistry and essential soil nutrients in one easy application, on tees, fairways and roughs.


Features & Benefits

  • Delivers long lasting wetting agent and fertilizer in one application
  • Reduces the need for repeat spray applications
  • Enhances water management, water efficiency and turf quality
  • Reduces labor costs and turf maintenance
  • Prevents localized dry spot
  • Corrects hydrophobic soil conditions
  • Accelerates wilt recovery from drought

Use Rate

See use rate on specimen label

Bag Size

50lb bag


Cascade Plus Fertilizer 3-1-0 - Specimen label pdf

Cascade Plus Fertilizer 3-1-0 - SDS pdf