Defoamer is a foam control and suppressant which kills and prevents the reforming of foam.

BRANDT DEFOAMER is a highly concentrated, high strength silicone emulsion defoamer which kills foam in it’s tracks, and prevents the reforming of foam.  Agricultural spray tank solutions may contain various hazardous substances that may generate foam. If the foam were to overflowthe tank on areas not meant for these chemicals, damage may occur.

BRANDT DEFOAMER solves the problem by stopping the foam, and preventing it from reforming. The use of BRANDT DEFOAMER also speeds up the filling of tanks by not having foam to contend with.


  • Aids safety
  • Designed specifically for defoaming agricultural spray tanks
  • Economical and non-toxic

Use Rate

To Kill Existing Foam: Stop tank agitation, and add BRANDT DEFOAMER across the surface of the foam. When foam starts to drop, restart agitation. Usually 1-2 ounces of BRANDT DEFOAMER will be effective per 100 gallons of solution. If foam persists an additional1-2 fl . oz. may be required. Rates of BRANDT DEFOAMER may vary depending on type of agitation, chemicals being used and water quantities. To Prevent Foam Formation: Add water to tank first, add 1/2 to 1 ounce of BRANDT DEFOAMER while agitator is running to ensure even dispersion, then add the other chemicals to tank.

Case Size

12 x 1 quart containers per case


Defoamer: Specimen Label