Envy™ is a combination of pigments and spray adjuvants labeled for application to turf, trees or shrubs. Envy may be used to improve color, mask injury or discoloration and improve the coverage of spray droplets on the leaf blade.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural green color – appealing to players and customers
  • Broad use recommendations – flexible
  • Precision adjuvant technologies – improved product and tank mix partner coverage
  • Stable formulation – convenient and easy to use
  • Photos courtesy of Albany Golf & Beach Club, Nassau, Bahamas, after using Envy Turf Pigment

Use Rate

Turf: 16 ounces per acre, applied in 50 gallons of water.
Trees & shrubs: 16 ounces per 50 gallons of water, applied to achieve leaf coverage.

Case Size

4 x 1 gallon