Holganix PB1 Golf 2-0-0

Are essential inputs in your program not giving you the results you desire? Your turf may need a Probiotic Booster!  PB1 is a highly specific blend of synergistic Holganix-infused components including a high concentration of 8 special beneficial bacteria and 9 species of Endomycorrhizae enhanced with Armament technology to improve nutrient utilization.

Tackle these targeted problems with PB1

Weak Plant Immune Systems

  • Grows healthier, stronger, more resilient plants that are better able to to defend against insects, disease and environmental stresses from Mother nature and heavy tournament wear.


Stressed Out Turf

  • Deeper, stronger web-like root system
  • Reduced water requirements
  • Better playability and quicker recovery due to improved nutrient uptake


Boosts The Nitrogen Cycle

  • Contains nitrogen-fixing and nitrogen fixation bacteria to cvonvert air and soil locked nitrogen into plant usable nutrie


Holganix PB1 is the perfect probiotic supplement to use in conjunction with Holganix Blend 66GC-CT, Healthy Grow infused with Holganix, or when refrigeration is not an option.

Use Rate

No refrigeration needed


Innoculation rate - 6oz/1,000 sq.ft.

Maintenance - 3oz/1,000 sq.ft.

Apply monthly throughout the growing season


Case Size

2.5 gallon jug


HB1 Golf Specimen Label pdf

HB1 Golf  SDS

HB1 Golf  Info Sheet pdf