Inv-AID Wetting Agent Pellets

Inv-AID pellets are a convenient way to spot treat and siplement your normal turf moisture management program.  Containing a blend of best in class surfactants with near 100% Al, Inv-AID pellets are a convenient way to quickly remedy truf showing signs of heat wilt and stress and localized dry spots.

Turf Benefits of Inv-AID:

​   Immediate Relief:

  • Reduced heat stress
  • Prevents heat wilting
  • Spot treatment for localized dry spots

   Convenient & Easy:

  • Tablet form for easy application
  • Only requires about 10 minutes per green
  • Includes defoaming agents for clean application
  • Designed to not crumble apart during use

   Safe On Turf:

  • Non-burning formulation
  • Compatible with existing water management products


Use Rate

1 pellet will cover about 2-3 greens

Use with convenient applicator - standard pellet hose end applicator fitting 1" hoses (or 3/4" hoses with an adaptor)


Case Size

12 pellets per case

Use Rate