Liquid Nutrients


Cytokinin Elicitor and Plant Growth Stimulant.  Derived from natural ingredients including North Atlantic Seaweed Concentrate, North Dakota Leonardite based Humic matter plus Brandt’s Generation Super Surfactant. Brandt In-Cyte is designed to elicit a root/stem response triggered by these rich sources of carbon and organic matter, matched perfectly with an available source of Phosphate to start the rooting process.


Parco-Start 8-31-4

Amino Acid Based Starter.  A high Phosphorus solution, balanced with the perfect amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium, Brandt Parco Start 8-31-4 is formulated with natural plant hormone precursors, natural plant amino acids, plant vitamins and anti-stress substances. This combination promotes early growth and healthy root systems


Parco-Root XL

Biostimulant and turf micronutrient blend. Designed to promote healthy root and cell wall development, leading to more durable turf; able to sustain heavy wear and tear. Contains solubilized forms of essential amino acids, vitamins, humic matter, chelating agents and wetting agents.


Use Rate

In-Cyte Tees/Greens 1-2 gals in water to treat 1 acre. 

Parco-Start 8-31-4 Greens/Tees 16oz in water to deliver approx. 8oz of Phosphorous /1000 sq. ft.

Parco-Root XL Foliar 2-4 oz/1000 sq.ft. Soil 4-6 oz/1000 sq.ft.

Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallon


In-Cyte  Label, SDS, 

Parco-Start 8-31-4  Label, SDS, 

Parco-Root XL  Label, SDS,