Liquid Nutrients
Brandt Supreme Green 12-0-0  
12% N with micronutrient complex Supreme Green is a glucoheptonate complexed micronutrient package, which increases both plant health and greening of turfgrasses. It is a Chelated fertilizer solution derived from Urea and Iron, Manganese and Magnesium Glucoheptonate.


Converge 18-3-6 Foliar 50% SRN with Micros 

Brandt Converge provides highly efficient, quality foliar nutrition with 50% controlled release Nitrogen, and a fully chelated micronutrient package. 


Flash Dance  

Iron supplement for turf. Designed for an instant greening effect prior to tournament play, Brandt Flash Dance, with special leaf penetrants, will initiate an immediate greening effect triggered by by the highly soluble sulfate form of Iron.


Use Rate

Supreme Green  Turf: 3-6 fl.oz./1,000 sq.ft. Fairways: 3-6 fl.oz. /1,000 sq.ft.

Converge 18-3-6  4oz/1000 sq.ft. Renovation 6oz/1000 sq.ft

Flash Dance  3oz/1,000sq.ft.


Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallons


Supreme Green 12-0-0 - Specimen Label,   SDS

Converge 18-3-6   Label, SDS

Flash Dance   Label, SDS,