Paspalum Plus 9-18-27

PASPALUM plus 9-18-27 is specially formulated for Paspalum Turf. 9-18-27 is fortified with Iron, Manganese, Magnesium and Seaplant Extract, along with other key micronutrients.

9 -18-27 contains MKP to ensure root strength development and overall turf health. 

Use Rate

Dissolve and apply 25lbs per acre weekly with a minimum of 100 gallons of water per acre
Foliar (spray) application every 2 weeks for best results.

Concentrate uid should not exceed 50lbs in 100 gallons of water.

Note: Agitation in spray/mix tank may be necessary 

Case Size

25lb bag


Paspalum 9-18-27 - Label pdf

Paspalum 9-18-27 - SDS pdf