For enhanced vigor, plant defense signalling and increased resistance to stress conditions.

Note: *Phosphite analysis may not be shown on label in states that do not recognize phosphite as a form of available P2O5

Forti-Phite Basic 0-28*-26  

Pure potassium phosphite in a neutral pH, ultra high purity formulation.


Forti-Phite 2-40*-16  

High analysis potassium phosphite.


Use Rate

Forti-Phite Basic 0-28*-26 - 3-6oz/1,000sq.ft.

Forti-Phite 2-40*-16 - 2-4oz/1,000sq.ft.


Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallon

30 gallon drum

55 gallon drum


Forti-Phite Basic 0-28*-26 Specimen Label,  SDS

Forti-Phite 2-40*-16  Specimen Label, SDS