Low-foaming, low use rate, nonionic siloxane surfactant moves spray solution up and down plant for superior coverage.

Speed is drift retardant compatible and should be used with pesticides that rely on coverage as a primary method of offering control or protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides superior coverage of contact pesticides
  • Improves rainfastness
  • Low-use rate
  • Low foaming

Use Rate

Always use the rate of nonionic surfactant recommended on the pesticide label.

If no recommendation exists, use the following rates:

Ground equipment: 6-13 oz per 100 gallons of spray solution

Aerial equipment: 12-16 oz per 100 gallons of spray solution

Case Size

4 x 1 gallon


Speed Specimen Label PDF


Speed Technical Bulletin PDF

Speed Topdressing PDF

Adjuvant Use Guide PDF