Taurus® Trio G

Triple active ingredient Taurus® Trio G delivers quick knock down of fire ants, mole crickets, nuisance ants, fleas, and ticks while providing long residual activity. Taurus Trio G is registered for use by licensed applicators for broadcast applications on turfgrass and landscaped areas including golf courses, residential, commercial, outdoor containerized nurseries, industrial areas, cemeteries, parks, campsites, schools, sports fields, sod farms. Taurus Trio G can also be used for fire ant mound treatment, perimeter and boundary treatments.

The 30 pound bags contain three very effective active ingredients on a superior Verge® granule to provide quick knock down with long residual control of listed pests. Taurus Trio G is easily spreadable with standard broadcast or drop spreaders. The granules are uniform in size (140 SGN), dust-free, and disintegrates upon contact with water; providing simple, clean, uniform and effective applications. Minimal PPE is required.

Use Sites: turfgrass, landscape beds, commercial areas

Effective Against: Fire ants, Mole crickets, Fleas, Ticks and other nuisance ants

Active Ingredients: Fipronil 0.0143%, Bifenthrin 0.23%, Lambda Cyhalothrin 0.059%

Use Rate

Please see label in Resources.

Taurus® Trio G is a Restricted Use Pesticide

Package Size

30lb bag


Taurus® Trio G Specimen Label pdf

Taurus® Trio G. SDS pdf

Taurus® Trio G. Technical Brochure pdf