Treeshot 3-2-3

Mirimichi Pro Foliar Fertilizer/Tree & Shrubs is specially formulated to help treas and shrubs thrive.

The liguid solution contains an ideal balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium distilled to 400Dalton size (the smallest on the market) so plants can immediately absorb their benefits through roots as well as leaf structure.  Pro Foliar Fertilizer resists photochamical breakdown from the sun's rays and maintains a neutral charge, preventing inwanted reactions with other chemicals.

Spray Pro Foliar Fertilizer directly on to foliage, drench plants or inject into the root zone; whatever method you use, you can know you are delivering complete nutrition with minimal waste.

Key Benefits

  • A proprietary formulated treatment for trees and ornamentals
  • Promotes rapid production of protozoa, fungi and hyphae
  • Contains microbial fermentation extracts that condition the soil
  • Nutrients are fully complexed and chelated to 400 Dalkton size for immediate uptake
  • It's proprietary nano-technology releases nutrients and extendsd nutrient availability
  • Can be drenched, sprayed or deep root injected.
  • Safe to apply with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other fertilizers

Use Rate

Drench: Dilute 1 gallon with 50-100 gallons water. Drench 1 gallon per 1 inch diameter of trunk with diluted solution

Foliar App: Dilute 1 gallon with 100 gallons water to cover leaves

Deep Root Injection: Dilute 1 gallon with 50-100 gallons water. Inject 1 gallon per 1 inch diameter of trunk with diluted solution

Case Size

4 x 1 gallon


Treeshot 3-2-3 Specimen Label

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