Triple Green 20-20-20

TRIPLE GREEN 20-20-20 provides instant, efficient feeding through the green tissue and roots of TifEagle, Champion, Paspalum, TifDwarf, Flora Dwarf, northern turf varieties and other Bermuda grass cultivars maintained as fine turf as golf greens, bowling lawns and golf tees.

TRIPLE GREEN 20-20-20 safely and effectively feeds all green plants when used as directed. 

Use Rate

Solubolize Triple Green 20-20-20 in sufficient water to fully dilute. Calculate amount of material to be diluted according to the rate of primary nutrient desired.

Use the table below to estimate the amount of material needed to obtain the targeted rate of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P2O5) or potassium (K2O).

To obtain 0.10lb(N) (also P2O5 and K2O) use 22lb per acre
To obtain 0.25lb (N) (also P2O5 and K2O) use 54lb per acre 

For best results apply weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Adjust the target rate of primary nu- trient according to turf conditions, weather, soil and tissue tests, and changes in other elements of your nutrient program.
Triple Green 20-20-20 combines well with other materials, however, it is prudent to conduct a jar test to determine compatibility with other elements of your spray program.

Case Size

25lb bag


Triple Green 20-20-20 - Label pdf

Triple Green 20-20-20 - SDS pdf