GIS, Orlando 2017

By adminUpstart, 02/10/2017 - 19:20

Another very successful Golf Industry Show at Orlando, Florida 2017!   We love it when the show is on our home patch of Florida as so many of our local customers are able to attend.   Of course our sales team were also there in full force along with Ted and his wife Diane.  Left to right: Mark Henderson, Chris McCranie, Clive Thacker, Ted Owen, Robb Dillinger, Bradley Williams and Bradley Jacklin



The team had almost non-stop meetings and seminars but did find time for some fun receptions, including our own Upstart Reception at Itta Bena Restaurant at Pointe Orlando, a venue we would certainly use again, food was delicious and service great!  Unfortunately we were all so busy eating and chatting to customers we forgot to take photographs of the reception until the very end when almost everyone had gone!  But got a couple of good ones of Ted, Bradley and Clive with Barrett Ersek of Holganix - not sure what they were all looking at on their phones!


The Select Source Distributor Happy Hour at the Ice Bar was a great experience!  There is a main bar at a normal temperature and a seperate Ice Bar which is totally made of ice including the bar, seating, sculptures and even the glasses!  We were handed coats and gloves as we went in and boy were they needed - not a place you could settle down for the evening in but a great novelty and a lot of fun!  Robb and Ted braving the cold!


Of course we had to pay a visit to The Pub at Pointe Orlando for a great lunch with the Mirimichi Green team - Ted and Clive taking the thrones at the ends of the table.  


Couldn't leave without a photo next to the Brandt car with driver Justin Allgaier, Ted, Chris and customer Danny Sapp. And lastly, I couldn't resist ......... a photograph of Ted at the Ewing booth having his shoes cleaned by a beautiful young lady!  Well someone's got to do it!


A big thank you to all our suppliers at the show who continue to support us and produce exciting and innovative products, and of course, to our loyal customers - we hope you all have a successful 2017 and we'll see you at next year's GIS!